Lightmax Showroom


Showroom, light, LED, acoustic luminaire, design, ring luminaire, moss luminaire; lighting – a topic that affects us all! As experts in the field of lighting, we know exactly how important it is to make the right choice. And that’s why we say: Ring lights and acoustic lights are a perfect match!

Why? Quite simply, an acoustic luminaire not only provides pleasant lighting in a room, but also improves the acoustics at the same time. Considering that poor acoustics are a major problem in many rooms – whether in the office or at home – a luminaire like this can really work wonders. A ring light, on the other hand, adds a modern touch and can be combined wonderfully thanks to its minimalist design.

And this is how it works: To achieve optimum lighting with good acoustics, we recommend using several acoustic LED ring lights in the room. Their circular arrangement ensures uniform illumination and helps to improve the room acoustics. The combination with a moss luminaire provides additional natural elements and thus creates a harmonious overall picture.

We have already successfully implemented this approach and our customers were delighted! Personal experience shows us time and again how important it is to respond to the needs of a room and find a suitable solution.

Conclusion: Ring luminaires and acoustic luminaires are the perfect combination for optimum lighting with good acoustics. We encourage you to try it out and see for yourself! #lighting solutions #improve room acoustics #LED luminaires